small apartement:Smart Design for a Small Apartment in Barcelona

Small Apartments

If you have a small apartment, so everything depends on everything being intelligent design. Design ideas are very different and can make a small space wonder or messy. It is a small apartment in Barcelona has been cleverly designed with practical furniture that takes space in a charming decorative way. The first thing to note about this apartment is that the white walls and floors cover the entire space makes broad and chic. The lounge has a black L-shaped sofa which has some cushions on it in different colors and prints, and a coffee table that is made of wood and the best part is that it is on wheels so it can be moved easily as you wish. A touch of color is added to the room where an orange chair, and ottoman are placed next to the window and a light bending is also made which makes this region a incredible read. Another Ottoman is giving extra seat, and it comes matched with a beautiful beige carpet under the coffee table. The room is decorated with a beautiful portrait on the wall and plants on the coffee table to complete the look in a comfortable manner.
A white shelf is placed next to the area of ​​the living room where many things are organized in a nice way, and this acts as a shelf that separates the living room of a small dining room set and a kitchen open shelving unit behind this movement is very intelligent and really use every little space. The kitchen has white cabinets, a built-in refrigerator, a stove, a microwave and an electric burner that has a hood above. Electrical appliances are making a contrast silver color with white furniture. A simple set of beautiful dining room is placed in front of the kitchen, including a table and four chairs white wood. The table is decorated with a design that is surprisingly pleasant. A mezzanine with a suspended bed is placed and could be reached by ladders, this approach saves a lot of space. The bed has a colorful bedding and pillows that come in matching colored orange with a small lamp bending placed on a nightstand next to the bed, pillows and others who come in floral prints. The space is small but very gay.

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