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Small Apartments

Many people face the problem of having a small apartment furniture because it becomes difficult right. Many designers have come up with superb interior apartmenthat suit small well. This apartment is an excellent example of an area of ​​58m2, the design is very comfortable and decorative. White was dominant in this apartment, it is used in the walls and furniture to give a clear call to the place. Wood flooring has been used to reflect a neat style that is very luxurious. The living room includes a sofa and a small white wooden table, a shag carpet was added in their dark gray to color contrast. LCD TV is installed in the opposite wall and in front of the sofa where beautiful windows behind it to illuminate the room with natural light from the sun. The room also came with a decorative way combining the bed, and many shelves and drawers were found to store various things while taking small spaces.
Shelves mounted on walls have also been observed to store more things or add some decorative elements such as plants or picture frames. Wall hooks were also used, which is a very smart idea because they let you hang your clothes without needing a lot of space to do so. The bathroom also included white ensembles, it combines a toilet, sink, towel bathroom and a shower tray that the wall and the floor was made of ceramic tiles that match many gray color, while white ceramic tiles were used for the walls of the rest of the bathroom. Next to the living room, a kitchen was installed practice combining all the necessary equipment and games, including refrigerator, stove, cooker, sink, cupboards and storage. Beside the bed, you may notice some white shelves where you can put your laptop, papers, books, plants, and more. A small dining table with chairs was also added in the kitchen for a family meal comfortable. In addition, a large beautiful mirror has been added to the dining table with a chic, to reflect the feeling of a large space.

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