Dining Room:Classic Dining Room Designs from Aico Furniture

Dining Room

Aico Furniture is known for more than two decades for its exquisite furniture and classic furniture inspired by traditional. The dining rooms are produced by a special inspiration Aico long journeys and life experience. Michael Amini, Aico Furniture CEO, wanted to show his collections in designs luxurious dining rooms, and give a shine to separate rooms where they sit. As one of the leading furniture manufacturers, AICO has the best dining handmade, and good use of wood, metal decorations, gold and silver offer their customers furniture pieces of art to be proud of what they use. Good inspiration and talent could lead to different size dining rooms with lots of details and amazing designs. This collection shows many models Aico dining rooms. All were made of wood with carvings, and various types of printed fabrics have been used extensively to highlight the dining and incomparable to other styles produced worldwide. Hardwoods used in furniture Aico provide long life and hard parts service that many would like. Most of the wood used in the dining Aico are hard and durable as oak, spruce, walnut and rosewood. Natural patterns in different types of wood gives a special touch to each model, especially when coated with color disappears and made prints of classic style.
The models presented by Aico furniture are many, and each model is a creative design. For example, there is Windsor Court, Lavelle Truffle, Villa Valencia, and many others. The brand designs its dining rooms in many forms depending on the apartment size large and small, but mostly round and oval shapes are common in long table designs. The number of seats come with each table depends on the size of the array, while prints made in the database table may be few to generate a glance. The rooms come in many colors, light brown, reddish brown, ivory and mother of pearl. Ivory and dining pearls are considered the most beautiful models and adapted to the style of the romantic house. They are both manufactured in small cabinets with dishes and very traditional consoles. The model white color is pearl varnish to give much glory, and the chairs are beads on the back with satin pearl color light gray print, while the seats were covered with thick satin of the same color. The dresser and console came with engravings simple, but the main feature was made the pillars on the sides of each door. The console has been improved with a round mirror pearl colored frame and some forms to form an elegant match with mirrors glued to the inside of the cabinet.
The room was a little ivory like some models such as brown room "Cortina" to eat. It came with round beads, fabric backed chairs thick bead on the seat, engravings and simple square mirror. Other brown, large dining rooms size were made in some designs that relied heavily on cravings in the beautiful colored wood. We can easily notice that Aico produces most of its models with chairs back pearls as being more comfortable and suits long straight all people. The rooms long seatback dining came with numerous engravings, but were not made in the traditional simple models. The fabrics were chosen wisely in the dark color palette based on the beige, brown and black olive. They were all modeled. Chairs, table base and furniture were all in the same form now engraved and decorative pillars were the main feature introduced by Aico for its classic dining rooms inspired. Other wooden rear seats have been beautifully designed so that all models of chairs came back with a different shape and chairs placed on the main table centers were chosen to beautiful sculpted arms. The seats are not all coated fabric, there were many models with leather seats and they were so consistent with the cinema room color.

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