Decoration ideas:Modern Interior Decorations Inspired by the Cottage Style

Decoration ideas

Not only chalets, even if you want to redecorate your house in a relaxed, cottage style decorating is a perfect choice. In this post we present a fine example of a house with modern decor of this charming way. The photos below show how each piece of the house is graced by the warm, check them out. The living room looks so comfortable and gives you a warm feeling when you see it. Decorated in a modern, cottage style is through the use of raw wood everywhere, the existence of large wood, with touches of fur and other fabrics of cotton is the secret of this beautiful room. The home office is designed to bring the spirit of mountain in the hall with a few simple touches, we can clearly see the cottage style. Only a table adorned the wall with an image of the silhouette stag and two beautiful lamps wearing animal fur and of course the wooden desk makes you feel like you're surrounded by nature while allowing enough comforts to work in perfect ambience. Since wood is the first key to create chalet style in any room, the room is covered with wood. Very soft wood furniture with beautiful lighting and a few small accessories related to same theme, like a fur rugs and decorative objects inspired by the mountains are enough to give you all the freshness and joy of cottage life. And we can not forget the kitchen, cooking enjoyment in nature begins by choosing all wooden kitchen furniture, also feel free to add some green plants.

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