Small Apartment in a Classic Swedish Design

Small Apartment:

We all love Swedish design with clean lines and high taste, it gives us the beautiful drawings while being practical. These two points offered by Swedish design are most important when it comes to small apartments. A small apartment must be designed so practice that provides all the essentials, but a nice decorative style must be found to turn it into a nice apartment. This apartment is 44 square meters, and is beautifully designed in a very pleasant, while containing everything you want. The whole apartment is available in white, giving a clean and cheerful atmosphere expands the space, while a few touches of color are slightly added in an elegant way to break the appearance of dull white. The show consists of a black president and a white sofa with shag carpet which also combines the two colors. This contrast is amazing and is never out of fashion. A small black table is also present with a lower shelf, and some decorative items are added to this topic. The sofa has a few white pillows printed on it like the zebra print is perfect. A white dining set is placed next to them consisting of a white table and four chairs white, where a vase of beautiful flowers and candles are set for a romantic look. The show also includes an LCD screen on a small table, and a black ottoman beside them. The walls are decorated with portraits that add color and style of the room.
A very sweet, lovely touch is performed in the living room where the purple curtains are used, and a pillow of the same color is on the black chair, adding purple to mix with atmospheric black and white is perfect. Regarding the kitchen, it is all in white, as well, giving a clean and shiny. White cabinets are installed, including wall cabinets and base, where an electric stove is placed between the base cabinets and a white refrigerator is placed next to the furniture. You can see a small rug that comes in black and white giving a little contrast, and a small white table and two black chairs are placed to complete the contrast. A stainless steel sink is used, and the kitchen is decorated from fruits and plants. The room is beautiful, also in white, but with a simple touch of red that reflects a touch of passion. Red is seen in pillows and a portrait hanging above the bed to give a chic touch to any room colorful. The closet is placed beside the bed in a practical and offers much more storage locations. Finally, a nice bathroom is seen as a white curtain fuchsia is used to add a color pop. In the small hallway you can see a whiteboard and a mirror added. The lighting is very good in this apartment, and you can find various fixtures and lamps added in all rooms to ensure a good light.

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