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living room design
People have different needs when it comes to a salon. Some use it as their personal sanctuary, while others use it to entertain guests. Designing a living room, is having to adapt to your personal taste and needs. No matter what kind of theme you choose, a solid design is breathable, connected and well balanced.

Choose a theme
How will you use your living room? What do you want in your living room? How do you feel in your living room? These are important questions when choosing a theme show. Try to choose a theme that is not only attractive, but it has a look you can see yourself comfortably live in. You can find design inspiration anywhere from to a work of art to furniture.

Free up space
The larger the room feels more breathable, it is for you. Even if you have a good sized room, it is important to maintain its size because there are many ways to mitigate the unintended appearance of the room. Use lighter colors on the wall and invite the sunlight in. To accentuate height of the room, make sure you hang curtains floor length near the ceiling and drape closer to the ground as possible. Portraits hang over, so you can bring the eye upward. Do mirrors reflect a window to enlarge the space of the room and produce the illusion of more light during the day. Evolve your furniture to the size of the room and find pieces that multitasking. For example, find a coffee table that doubles as storage space. The less furniture you have, more space, you can create.

Achieve balance
Another way to make your visit seem more attractive is through balance. Create balance by visual inspection of connection elements. Place a mirror between eight and 10 inches above the sofa. This is high enough for you not to hit your head, but low enough for the sofa and the mirror appears to be a unit - if you were a few meters. A coffee table must be one or two inches lower than the arm of your sofa and should be two thirds the length of your sofa. This is a comfortable distance for those items up. When you sit next to a table lamp, the shade must land at shoulder height. When using standard lamps or table lamps, you do not want them to be too high or they appear disconnected from the rest of the furniture and decor

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